On this page you can find a shared and growing structured repository of the MicroHE and MICROBOL project publications.

(Please note that as MICROBOL is ongoing, currently these resources are predominantly from MicroHE.)

The Search bar above and the navigation grid below are at your disposal to easily identify project publications. If you wish to access the original lists of the contractual outputs of either MICROBOL or MicroHE projects, please consult the sub-menus in the right hand sidebar.

  • Project Outputs

    Reports and publications produced by the MicroHE project

  • Academic Papers

    Manuscripts and Journal Articles by MicroHE

  • Event Presentations

    Videos, presentations and materials from events we attend

  • Policy Reports

    Policy Reports & Recommendations

  • Training Materials

    Training Courses, Curricula and Tools

  • Promotion & Advocacy

    Information Booklets, Promotional Campaigns, Resource Toolkits